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* female SP needed
  gulstep1 - 05/11/20 18:01
iam an IMG , plan is to get a 250+
I finished USMLE-Rx , I did Kaplan lecture notes, I am now doing FA with UW about 2/3 of it left, and I also use Pathoma.
I plan to take step1 around October/November of this year.

I need a female study partner( preferably competiative to push each other for better score)we will be going through our weak areas and to motivate each other on a daily basis ( although couple times a week is also fine ) to explain and to stay dedicated to the plan.

about 1,5 to 2 hours per day, any time of the day is fine.
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* Re:female SP needed
  medicalrookieest - 05/12/20 22:02
  hey im interested add me on Skype!
similar situation. same to same

add me on Skype
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* Re:female SP needed
  gulstep1 - 05/13/20 10:57
  hi sure
I added you on my Skype already, but they locked my Skype account for today I can access Skype tomorrow .
or if you wanna talk today here is the email
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* Re:female SP needed
  anusha1123 - 05/14/20 16:48
  Hi i am looking for female study partner msg me if any  
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