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* MY USMLE and Match Experience
  dreamz942 - 05/17/20 17:56
  I am an IMG 2009 Graduate with scores 206/226/CS Second attempt/Step 3-212. Three Publications as First Author in USA. Observerships- 3 months. Presented 3 Abstracts in Conferences.Hold H4 EAD. Did 1 year of Residency training in Microbiology in Home Country. Had to Forego residency training after shift to USA. I have been working as a project Manager managing a clinical trial in a small CRO for a pediatric trial I am being paid an average salary. Experienced seniors successful in Match Would you please help answering the following questions.

1. I have been unsuccessful in previous Match. I received 2 interviews in 2016-2017 but never matched. I did not want to remain unemployed and penniless so took GCP certification and got a research job in a CRO. Somewhere a part of me longs for residency training. I miss being a physician. Should I apply the coming Match. I did not apply the past two years.I am interested in IM or Pediatrics.

2.Does my job as a Project Manager in a CRO (Contract Research Organization) (1 year experience) add value to my residency application.

3. Does Letter of recommendation from Medical Monitor (MD physician) hold value in residency application. I communicate with him as part of clinical trial.

4. If there are no matching chances are there good prospects careerwise in Pharmaceutical industry. If yes what are the positions I can go for without spending money/time in additional Masters Degree.

P.S I am a mother of 2 kids

Thank you in advance.
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