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* Certification form 183
  maria2244 - 11/21/20 13:56
  Hello! Does anyone know if the ECFMG offices are still open or if they're closed?
My school has sent them my 183 form via mail and on the tracking summary it says "Delivered - Signed for by: MAIL ROOM RTS". Does this mean that my package was successfully delivered or does it mean that it will be returned to sender?
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* Re:Certification form 183
  drkanna - 11/30/20 04:38
  call ecfmg  
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* Re:Certification form 183
  dzaldrizoti - 12/21/20 18:02
  Hey did you figure out what happened with your form 183? Did you have to resend it again? I used DHL to send my form 183 and DHL just sent me an email saying "Delivered and Signed for by Mail room RTS". I am so confused. Please let me know.  
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* Re:Certification form 183
  sharonspaul - 01/06/21 15:04
  Hey can you follow me up on this? I received the same mail by courier and i called ecfmg. They say they have not received the credentials. Help me  
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* Re:Certification form 183
  dzaldrizoti - 01/08/21 12:42
  To sharonspaul

When did your courier deliver the form and when did you call them?
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* Re:Certification form 183
  sharonspaul - 01/10/21 01:56
  My courier delivered on 28th December. And i called ecfmg on 8th January  
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* Re:Certification form 183
  sharonspaul - 01/10/21 01:57
  Sorry 6th of January  
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* Re:Certification form 183
  dzaldrizoti - 01/11/21 11:24
  To sharonspaul

I just got an email saying my form 183 was received. My courier reached them on 21st Dec. I didnt call them but I did email them about the status 3 days ago. Be persistent. Perhaps it took a while to reach them from their mailroom, after all they receive so many applications. Please mail them or call them again regarding this. Good luck!
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* Re:Certification form 183
  sharonspaul - 01/11/21 14:26
  Hey thanks for replying. I called ecfmg today again and they said they received it. Phew that was stressfull, these days  
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