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* Wanna address misconception about CK score drop
  season2 - 02/01/20 21:15
  I have some free time on my hands so I thought I would address some misconceptions about step 1 vs CK and the CK score drop that keeps coming up on forums.

I have 264 on Step 1 and 249 on CK. I had a major freakout when I saw 249. Just like many of you, I thought if CK was even a couple points lower than step 1, it was going to be a serious problem. And my CK is definitely more than a couple points lower.

So here it goes. I am a female IMG. I had 7 interviews even without CS. And I applied in November. Everyone was telling me that I was unlikely to get any interviews after I applied so late and that CK drop would come up on interviews. Well, 5 out of 7 interviews I got without any connections. Some of them from academic centers. And, NONE of the interviewers asked me anything about a score drop. Instead they wanted to ask me about research, commented on great recommendations I got and asked me about my hobbies, etc. No grill session, but only on one interview I got asked a medical question.

So for once and for all, give this a rest. Unless you got 250 on step 1 and then 210 on CK, nobody cares. Improve other things on your CV, be yourself during interviews, get into the interviewers' head and try to understand what they are trying to find out when they are asking you things, smile and you are golden. At academic centers, where the prerequisites to get an interview are high, the interviews are a designed to check if you are a cool persona and a good social fit for the program. So they will ask you behavioral questions and questions about hobbies and activities. At programs where the prerequisites are low, expect some medical questions because they are just trying to weed out candidates who cannot think medically (although, doesn't CK already check that? so those medical questions are pretty useless and a terrible strategy imo).

Good luck!
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