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* Losing so much time solving questions/need help
  hekischneki - 06/11/20 16:54
  hi guys/colleagues, I am aa IMG living in Germany and currently studying for Step 2 CK, I am planing to take the test in the next couple of weeks, I need your help/tips about exam skills.

I am doing well on solving the UWORLD Questions in a random or non timed manner, but when I do the blocks in a timed mode I run always of time and I lose between 5-10 Questions each 40-questions block, that's why I lose a lot of points and I am really confused about this.

I know that English is not my native language which is a disadvantage or a reasonable factor for losing time reading these super long questions but I've also tried the technique (Reading the answers first then starting with the question text) but I didn't realize a big difference with time saving compared to the classic way with reading the text first then go to the answer choices.

Is there any video or link which shows or guide the exam takers to save time and not lose so many questions?
Or it's only a matter of practicing or doing more questions with any way I like?

Thanks a lot and I wish the best for you
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