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* Need guidance
  aspiringinternist - 01/25/20 11:32
  hi there.
am an old grad (2012) , just got done with my 4 year residency in internal medicine in hometown.Am US citizen. It was not in the plan at all but now for some reason i have to move to US. I have gathered info on how to study for steps and i have started studying for step 1 (full time). But theres this thought that keeps me worried.
Are there any technical things (rules etc) i need to know at this point of time? As in i hope theres no limit of Year of graduation to take the steps?
i might sound very ignorant but i dont know anyone personally who could guide me about these things.
I would be so so obliged if anyone makes me worry less about it :(
P.s I plan on moving after i take step 1 and while i ll be studying for step2 i ll do some electives / observership there in US. This is what i planned so far with my limited knowledge and wisdom in this very area :/
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* Re:Need guidance
  futuremd313 - 02/03/20 14:40
  Hi aspringinternist,
There are no restrictions, as far as taking the USMLE exams, based on your YOG. No need to worry about that.
I hope this relieves some of your worries! Best of Luck!
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* Re:Need guidance
  kavya@4a1 - 02/04/20 13:42
  There is no such limit of YOG to take USMLE steps, anyone can take the steps.
What's will be a red flag if that your YOG while applying for match, if you are an old grad you will be having less chances.

If you have high scores in all the steps along with Step 3 and gaining multiple hands-on rotations in the specialty you will be applying will improve your CV and also show PDs that you are clinically active which will be helpful for the application.
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* Re:Need guidance
  santhosh - 02/07/20 13:37
  Yes you can do rotations while preparing for Step 2 CK exam, but you cannot apply for electives because as you are a graduate. Instead you can get externship rotations as you are a graduate. Also, there is no age limit for applying to take USMLE steps.  
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