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* not great scores
  kiwi07 - 01/25/20 16:49
  hey guys, img here. scored 219 on step 1 and 234 on step 2. disappointed with scores and kinda panicking that it may not be enough to even be considered for interviews. planning on taking cs soon. and applying for observerships. is there a decent chance to get matched or is it hopeless to continue down this path?  
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* Re:not great scores
  kavya@4a1 - 01/30/20 14:05
  Which specialty you are looking to apply, you can have chances for matching. Try to complete the CS exam in first attempt.

Also, try to get hands-on clinical experience instead of observerships they will be having more value for the CV and hands-on LORs are more valued than observerships LOR.
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* Upgraded by SATEP ; RE: GOOGLE (203k views)
  madatboards - 01/30/20 16:20
  IMG passed USMLE and got IM residency  
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* Re:not great scores
  kiranrathod - 02/04/20 13:55
  You will be having chances if you complete your Step 3 exam as well, it will improve the application.

Also, gaining observerships will not be having much value, try to get externship rotations they are more valuable.
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* Re:not great scores
  kiwi07 - 02/05/20 08:24
would like to apply for peds or IM. Can you tell me how to get hands on clinical experience too? like, how should i apply, or who should i email?
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* Re:not great scores
  kiwi07 - 02/05/20 08:27
can you help me get an idea of how to apply for externships?
as far as i know, its not common for hospitals to offer them?
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* Re:not great scores
  kiwi07 - 02/05/20 08:28
congrats! what were your scores?
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* Re:not great scores
  kiwi07 - 02/05/20 08:30
  @kiranrathod @kavya@4a1
im a graduate btw.
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* Re:not great scores
  futuremd313 - 02/08/20 16:00
  Hi @kiwi07,
Doing observerships can certainly help improve your application, especially if you can obtain some good LORs from those rotations. If your scores were passed on the first attempt with no failed attempts, that will help you as well. Your scores themself are not bad, however, they are close to the cutoff scores for many programs. With that said, I think if you network with the programs you are looking at and pay attention to IMG friendly programs, I think you still have a good chance of matching. If you are looking for observerships, the AMA website has a list of rotation companies: .
Don't give up and Good Luck!
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* Re:not great scores
  santhosh - 02/14/20 12:19
  @kiwi07 you need to look for IMG friendly places for rotations or else you can apply through agencies.  
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* Re:not great scores
  parmesh495 - 03/04/20 12:50
  completing Step 3 exam will improve the application.

Also, get externship rotations they are more valuable for the application to improve your CV and to get strong LOR for making better chances in matching.
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