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* RE:Uploading LOR
  stanstar - 01/28/20 18:50
  Hi all,
I have a quick question, can the letter writer upload an LOR before the ERAS season opens for 2022 match?
I looked up on LOR portal website and it is asking for LOR ID number and I don't know how to get that..

Would appreciate your reply on how to go about it.


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* Re:RE:Uploading LOR
  bbb2 - 01/29/20 09:41
  I think the letters can stay uploaded for 2 years but im not 100% sure about that.

As for the LOR ID. Click on Documents at the top, then Letters of Recommendation, add new then fill in the fields accordingly. Click on the check box, then on the top right click confirm. Once you confirm you'll get the letter ID, and can also download the request form.
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* Re:RE:Uploading LOR
  stanstar - 01/30/20 00:07
  bbb2: Thanks for the reply. I didn't apply this year so my ERAS application is not active.
I believe I can access documents tab only if the application is active and untill then I cannot upload the that right?
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* Re:RE:Uploading LOR
  bbb2 - 01/30/20 08:23
  I dont think you can access it until its active. So yea your thinking is right.
But I think for you, as well as everybody else applying for the match next year, start to get your letters together sooner rather than later. One of my letter writers took 8 weeks to get back to me, and that was just stress that was not needed lol
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* Re:RE:Uploading LOR
  stanstar - 01/30/20 17:56
  bbb2: It's clear to me now.Thank you for the advice, will keep in mind.  
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* Re:RE:Uploading LOR
  kavya@4a1 - 01/31/20 14:48
  Yes you can upload the LORs to the application by getting ERAS token now and ask your letter writer to upload the LOR to your ERAS account and then certify and submit your application so that you can transfer those LORs to your application when you apply for match.  
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* Re:RE:Uploading LOR
  stanstar - 02/03/20 14:47
  kavya@4a1: Got it! Thanks for the info  
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* Re:RE:Uploading LOR
  kiranrathod - 02/04/20 14:01
  Yes you can get but your letter writer needs to upload the LOR in order to get waived LOR.
Also, letter writer needs to create an AAMC account to upload the LOR through LORP portal.
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