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* old and path
  sangimangi - 02/09/20 15:53
  45 y.o with low step1 scores and MD path from home country any chance of residency in path?  
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* Re:old and path
  oldgrad2020 - 02/11/20 14:50
  MD Path from home country is what most IMG friendly programs like!
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* Re:old and path
  sangimangi - 02/12/20 21:49
  Low score and age do I need LOR from US physician?research mandatory?  
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* Re:old and path
  oldgrad2020 - 02/13/20 15:52
  Low score and age will be overcome by PATH training in your country, HOPEFULLY!

Plenty of old(er) people in path.

Try and do path observership.

NY programs are super competitive...meaning people are fast talking and fast walking...

Other states might be somewhat less aggressive (not sure).

ALL THE BEST. Let us know how it goes.
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* Re:old and path
  kavya@4a1 - 02/15/20 14:45
  As you are an old grad the chances will be less, try to have high scores in the other steps and complete Step 3 exam and gain multiple hands-on rotations so that you will be getting clinically active which will be helpful for the application and can get strong LORs for the application.  
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* Re:old and path
  santhosh - 02/25/20 11:35
  Yes gaining LORs from US is important for the application, look for hands-on clinical experience will be important for the application.

Also, look for connections it can be help the application during the IV process.
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