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* Old graduate, any chances?
  lalyla - 02/27/20 14:52
I am IMG, graduated in 1992. I had tried to apply for FM residency probably 7-10 years ago for 3 years , but didn't match. I had only 1 interview. Do you know if the situation for obtaining the residency had changed? I have low scores on USMLE exams, but passed exams from the first attempts. I gave up a long time ago. But... There is always may be. Any suggestions? Any similar experience?
Thank you.
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* Re:Old graduate, any chances?
  oldgrad2020 - 02/28/20 10:56
  Ok, this makes me happy. These past weeks I have been seeing more and more on the forum. 'Old grads, ' I mean!
My advice is keep trying but in the mean time live your life and work or be productive.

Thats all. Whats changed? More competitive. More US grads in play. More IMGs from all over the world who can afford courses, externships, internships and have stellar scores, publications, + their universities have established connections.

We can't just go and sit in a corner because the challenges are great instead we go out there and live life!

All the best.
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* Re:Old graduate, any chances?
  tchops - 02/28/20 18:02
  Also an old graduate with low scores but passed in first attempt, trying but rejections make it quite depressing. Yes, fresh graduate with stellar scores and publications to compete with so its tough. what are you guys doing?  
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* Re:Old graduate, any chances?
  bioepi - 02/29/20 13:37
  You can stand out with research papers and we can help you with that. We could also help you with abstracts that you can present at clinical conferences and meet clinicians and program directors. Making connections is key in this process. Please talk to us:  
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* Re:Old graduate, any chances?
  santhosh - 03/03/20 13:45
  As you are an old grad getting multiple hands-on clinical experience in US for making the application strong and can help to show that you are clinically active. Also, you need to get rotations in the specialty you want to apply for match.

Also, complete Step 3 exam if you have not completed and make connections it can help your application to get IVs.
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* Re:Old graduate, any chances?
  smartpc - 03/04/20 10:32
  From a PC - Unfortunately, with your year of graduation, and low USMLE scores, your application will be filtered out from most programs. While Research and some USCE is helpful, it will likely not be seen if you are filtered out. If my program even received a referral to look at an application with low USMLE scores and a 1992 YOG, we may review the application, however we would not consider an interview. That is just too long of a gap, and scores do matter. Even with Research experience and observerships, it will not make up for the gap and scores. My recommendation is to NEVER pay for an observership, as they really don't equal much to a program reviewing an application, and if money is an issue, don't waste it on applying every year. Try going to PA school so that you can still treat patients and have a goal that is attainable.  
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* Re:Old graduate, any chances?
  parmesh495 - 03/04/20 12:57
  It will be tough for matching as you are an old graduate, but there may be chances for matching if you can have strong application by getting high scores in all the steps and by having lots of clinical experiences in the US to make application better and to get strong LORs for the application.  
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* Re:Old graduate, any chances?
  shamstabrez - 03/15/20 18:10
  Hi, the following advice is for the candidates living in USA,
As you all know that, most of the Residency programs are looking for Medical Graduates with in 5 years of their graduation. 2002 Year of Graduation certainly make it much harder to get into residency, even if you pass USMLE in first attempts with and good scores.
But don't get disappointed, following is my advice, which I have given many Medical Students who were struggling with the time, being an older graduate and score factor. I am currently a Chief of Gastroenterology , in USA. I am a practicing Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist for last 20 years. I have mentored many students world wide from India, Pakistan, England, Latin America etc.
My advice to you all, if possible to get into MS /or with PhD (Master of Science) in subjects related to the field of Medicine.
e.g MS in Hematology, MS Immunology, MS Microbiology, MS Pathology, MS Anatomy, MS in Cancer Biology etc. You can go through any of the Universities at your state or Province and find these out.
By obtaining any of these MS/or PhD degrees, now you have become a fresh Post Graduate Medical Student, which will help you in the following ways:
1- Now you are fresh Medical Graduate.
2- Better Degree than just and MD/MBBS
3- You may develop relationships with Residency Programs, if your MS/PhD University has it, and you may be presenting in their conferences as Post=Graduate Student.
4- You will also have the current LOR from your Supervisor/Dean at the Master/PhD Program.

I hope this will help you all.
I wish you all the very best.
Dr. Shams Tabrez
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* Re:Old graduate, any chances?
  lalyla - 03/17/20 11:44
  Thank you very much everyone for the advices.  
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* Re:Old graduate, any chances?
  suboxone - 03/17/20 22:13
  Go to DO school, otherwise its difficult in your case. Just being realistic not discouraging  
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* Re:Old graduate, any chances?
  kavya@4a1 - 04/16/20 12:51
  It will be tough as you are an old graduate, but you will be having chances.

You need to work hard on your application for improving your CV by gaining multiple hands-on clinical experience in US which can show that you are clinically active and can make your CV strong. Also, can provide strong LORs which are required for IMGs.
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