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* Opportunity for Un-Matched Graduates
  mkman - 03/16/20 22:39
  Dear Unmatched Graduates,

I'm a physician living in Washington State and we are struggling with the COVID19 Virus. 50% Of our doctors are greater than 60 years old, which puts them at risk for viral complications. At the same time, any doctor who gets sick will be quarantined for 14 days which reduces the workforce. Therefore, I'm working with the government to help many unmatched graduates work in hospitals and get paid for it. This will give you clinical experience, help save lives, and help us doctors address COVID-19 together. We need your help and encourage everyone to help us sound the alarm. Please follow these instructions

1- Sign up/login to

2- Write a post stating the following

I'm a medical graduate and cant help patients due to a shortage of residency slots. This shortage exists because of the cap placed by the federal government in 1997. I passed USMLE Step 1, Step 2 CK and Step 2 CS but can't work without a residency. #WeAreMDs

3- Make sure to use the hashtag, this is soo important because that's how the public officials will see us.

PLEASE DO THIS ASAP, this will be a paid position with everything included
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* Re:Opportunity for Un-Matched Graduates
  sandra1981 - 03/16/20 23:56
  Who are you and what is this supposed to mean ? You want IMGs without much clinical experience to work with high risk COVID 19 patients to risk their lives so you could get cheap labor and push your personal agenda ?  
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* Re:Opportunity for Un-Matched Graduates
  pushing - 03/17/20 12:36
  "because that's how the public officials will see us."

Sounds like this person is a unmatched IMG trying to get IMGs to protest and make a statement.
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* Re:Opportunity for Un-Matched Graduates
  sandra1981 - 03/17/20 16:11
  I agree, and may be a GC holder or a citizen. I do not necesarily disagree that they have the right to protest but lets be honest, we many times fail to understand the super competitive nature and unfairness in the system at the same time. However, I do not know if it's really going to change anything. Lets say you manage to get a temporary license, and you make one error, the conservatives will get back to all of us saying the hospital hired cheap labour and the end result was devastating.  
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* Re:Opportunity for Un-Matched Graduates
  paradise4 - 03/19/20 10:13
  They want to put all those poor IMGs in danger in the name of USCE! Obviously, it is a labor work that no one even cares about your life! Unfair system of using people from developing countries.  
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