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* Please HELP
  mkmd8 - 03/23/20 12:00
  In order to obtain a temporary license in a state where one does residency, does STEP 3 have to be taken? If you are ECFMG certified is this enough? Please if anyone knows anything about this, please let me know.  
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* Re:Please HELP
  braveheart_2020 - 03/23/20 12:15
  No you don't need step 3 for the "medical education license/ Educational limited license" or whatever it is called . Basically, this is the license required for graduate medical educational programs.

Step 3 is required though for the unrestricted medical license. Some residency programs may ask you to clear step 3 by the second year of your program.

You can visit the FSMB website to see more details. Since you would need to pass step 3 within 7-10 years period from the time of taking your first step. On FSMB website you can see which states has 7 years rule , 10 years rule or no limits.

Anyway, since we are still in late March, I would strongly advise you to do step 3 now. In residency you will get busy, and you may have no time to prepare well.
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* Re:Please HELP
  mkmd8 - 03/23/20 12:34
  Thank you so much braveheart! Greatly appreciate your help.

The unrestricted medical license is the license you obtain after residency right?

Lets say I am doing residency in a State where there is a 7 year rule. If my 7 year rule expires in May, does this mean that I can still do a 3 year residency there?
I just wont be able to have a full medical license there after residency correct? But, if after residency, I work in a state (like florida) where there is a 10 year rule, then I can work there after residency?

Thank you so much for helping me clarify all this.
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* Re:Please HELP
  braveheart_2020 - 03/23/20 12:41
  Your welcome.

Exactly as you said. Residency has nothing to do with the 7 years or 10 years rule.

You may still apply for unrestricted medical license at a state that has 7 years rule (even if you are outside that limit, lets say 8 years). If you didn't meet that requirement for unrestricted license, you can submit a letter asking the board to waive that requirement and explaining your situation. If the board approved to waive that requirement then it is all good. Otherwise, your application will be denied.

I would encourage you to do step 3 now though. It needs 1-2 months of preparation.
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* Re:Please HELP
  mkmd8 - 03/23/20 12:45
  Yes I am already studying now, but as I was studying, I began to panic and started to worry about all these licensing issues.

You just saved my day and decreased my stress level 100%. Thank you! I greatly appreciate your help.

Stay healthy and safe!
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* Re:Please HELP
  braveheart_2020 - 03/23/20 12:50
  Your welcome :)
Same for you
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