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* RE: Old IMG with 4 attempts in Step3
  uy - 06/30/20 12:17
  I am an old IMG, my YOG is 2001. Unfortunately I had 4 attempts in Step 3 but it has been 14 years (I passed my Step 3 in March of 2006) since I finished all my Steps (USMLE step 1, 2 (CK and CS) and Step 3).

Rest of my steps (Step1, 2 (CS and CK)) all in first attempt.

I did many observerships initially in IM (including case reports) but later focused on Pathology. In Path, I had observerships as well as research publications. Multiple times, I have tried for match but got few interviews and unfortunately ended up unsuccessful.

Have a lot of experience in basic science research >10 years in the best US institution but my PI (supervisor) is not helpful in that regard at all. Discussing my goals of getting residency, means that losing a job (of course, running a family is number 1 priority at this point in time). I have lot of publications and I am permanent resident.

What should I do? I really appreciate some wise suggestions.
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* Re:RE: Old IMG with 4 attempts in Step3
  uy - 06/30/20 17:42
  Sure I will apply this year as well and try my luck. Thanks so much for the encouragement.  
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* Re:RE: Old IMG with 4 attempts in Step3
  rometo2019 - 06/30/20 18:16
  Good luck. I think you have a very strong CV for patho. The only issue in your case is year of graduation bcoz i have seen people who matched this year even with attempts and low scores in patho but their YOG was within 3 years. That is affecting ur application but you never know when luck clicks so keep trying  
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* Re:RE: Old IMG with 4 attempts in Step3
  uy - 06/30/20 18:24
  Yes sure. I will keep on applying. Thanks for encouraging and showing me some hope.  
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* Re:RE: Old IMG with 4 attempts in Step3
  fisami - 07/01/20 18:17
  Hi @rometo2019. Hope you are doing well. I am in the same boat with 223,227(2nd),CS and 223 step3 YOG 2013. I am applying for this years match. I am NON US IMG with home country Pathology experience. I have applied so many times for pathology rotation but all in vain and because of covid nonone is entertaining observership as well. What do you think are my chances as you guys have gone through earlier patho math aswell. If you guys nay research opportunity in patho kindly let me know as well.  
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* Re:RE: Old IMG with 4 attempts in Step3
  uy - 07/02/20 14:25
  Hi fisami, you should apply programs in research. I think many people match who are doing research and now they are in need of more people to continue the work. Apply and explore all big programs who have research, like Memorial Sloan Kettering, MD Andersen, Mayo etc etc. I am sure you will find something. Once you are in the program then you can request few people to see if they are comfortable to have you in their sign-out sessions. Send your CV everywhere in USA and see how it goes. If you are doing pathology backhome, then register for USCAP and show your work that will give you a portal where people can recognize your work.  
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* Re:RE: Old IMG with 4 attempts in Step3
  rometo2019 - 07/02/20 16:36
  True. There is no specific research programs for patho. Just apply to any research prgram throughout US.  
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* Re:RE: Old IMG with 4 attempts in Step3
  rometo2019 - 07/02/20 19:19
  @uy if u just do registration for UsCAP, u can see work of others or any educational activities? If u are not pathologist, u cant post any work.  
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* Re:RE: Old IMG with 4 attempts in Step3
  uy - 07/06/20 10:35
  Thanks, that is wise move.  
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* Re:RE: Old IMG with 4 attempts in Step3
  dariasmo - 07/06/20 22:32
  Hi Uy.

I am sorry to hear about your own struggle. I also realize the system is too competitive for very old graduates. However this covid times brings uncertainty in the ERAS application this season that we should keep looking at:

1. Definitely the reduction of visa issuing by Trump will affect particularly community hospitals. However these hospitals are dealing with their own financial crisis. Whether or not they close spots or the open more is hard to predict.

2. Program directors have been instructed to avoid in person interviews. Everything will be virtual. My question about this situation, free of the complicated logistics of in-person ivs, is how this change the number of ivs availabe (they should be more) or the expectation to evaluate candidates during the virtual ivs.

3. The fact that will be IMGs ECFMG certified without CS may favor the evaluation of IMGs who completed everything like in your case even with the step 3?

4. The fact that the step 1 will be eventually qualitative is already changing the analysis of candidates on other elements?

i wonder if you have also different insights to support the fact that the coming season is good for those with several flaws as candidates compared with the majority.

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* Re:RE: Old IMG with 4 attempts in Step3
  uy - 07/07/20 16:24
  Hi Dariasmo,
Thanks so much for the detailed input. I totally agree with your visionary:

1. True, but it is hard to predict. J1 visa was more or less smooth and only issue was with H1 visa.
2. Programs, now instead of 300 interviews with 10 spots may conduct even more Interviews, this may increase chances for old grads to get interviews.
3. True
4. I agree.

Thanks again
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