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* any genuine suggestions for help for PS and CV
  yemiusmle - 07/12/20 13:51
  Hi guys, could you kindly help by suggesting a genuine PS and CV writer. I find that I need certain help in writing PS, as I plan to apply for 3 programs - IM, Paediatrics and psychiatry  
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* Re:any genuine suggestions for help for PS and CV
  braveheart_2020 - 07/13/20 05:11
  1- If English is not your first language, try to write down your PS in your native language first, then translate it to english, then modify it as needed. Then show it to any native english language speaker from your friends, who would be interested in giving you genuine advises and recommendations.

2- Read some online samples of PS to get ideas about how to write PS (never copy and paste any ideas).

3-PS is not a replicate for your CV. As the name implies, it is "personal". You should describe personal motivation behind choosing medicine, personal motivation behind your interest in the residency program of your choice, mention some examples from your personal experience. If you have very high qualifications in your CV or very high scores, try to squeeze some of them in between in your PS to highlight them.

4- Avoid emotional stories as possible. "My brother was sick, suffered a lot, I couldn't help him, he died, I cried, hen decided to be a doctor". "my uncle had a stroke, was terrible stroke, affected his life, because of that I wanted to be neurologist"...etc. Those stories get mentioned too much in personal statements, and more likely to hurt you than help you. Write something unique.

5- Hobbies, life outside medicine.

6- If you are applying to rural residency programs, then highlight why do you like rural setting. It is not bad at all to have more than one PS in your ERAS, use one for rural, and one for urban.

7- Your plans in 5-10 years from now.

Hope this is helpful
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