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* Online Observership
  maanas - 09/29/20 19:28
  can any bosdy suggest some online observership?
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* Re:Online Observership
  stepup4321 - 09/29/20 21:23
  Hi Maanas,

As an IMG, I did not have much clinical experience in the United States. I got to know about Dr. Washington from the student forum. Reached out to him and he responded promptly. There was a selection process and I got selected for the externship. From the 1st day itself it was a unique experience for me in his clinic. He gave lectures about best practices in family medicine, primary care, US health care system and insurance system which are very important information I did not have during board exams and even not during any of my other observerships. I got opportunities to interview patients from the 1st week itself. I learned from him effective Doctor-patient interactions, understand patients and their concerns end to end. His feedbacks in every aspect helped me to improve my confidence, skills and experience family practice in a broader view which I never had before. EMR access was introduced to me for the first time during the externship. I was able to well verse in entering patient notes, assessments, sending investigations to the labs, prescribing CPAP and doing e-prescriptions towards the end of externship. Case presentations, topic presentations and group discussions were extremely helpful.
Dr.Washington is a wizard when it comes to the subject of sleep medicine. His concepts are unique and realistic. Experience and knowledge I had acquired in 4 weeks is beyond words. I wish I had more time with Dr.Washington.
I highly recommend externship/observership under Dr.Washington to all medical graduates who are looking for a great clinical experience to advance in their career.
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* Re:Online Observership
  maanas - 09/30/20 14:05
  @stepup4321, thanks for the info
can you tell me how much he charged you for a month? and what is his location?
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* Re:Online Observership
  stepup4321 - 09/30/20 14:20
  He is located in San Jose, CA. Please check for details  
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* Re:Online Observership
  maanas - 10/04/20 01:07
can you connect with me at
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