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* passed!!
  prayforall - 01/09/20 11:46
  Just sharing my experience and hoping that it can help someone.

This was not the first time i was giving Step 3. I gave it before during residency (intern yr) and unfortunately couldn't get time to study and hence failed. However, this time I was on leave and studied.

UW is the key no doubt and CCS, but there are many qs in exam reg which you don't have any clue and just have to answer them based on common sense and/or ruling out other options.

Resources; UW, CCS cases, UW CCS, UW Flashcards
Prep time; 4-5 mths
UWSA 1; 215 UWSA 2; 207 NBME; 290

I did UW around 3 times, subject wise first and then mixed, put all the tables/charts in flashcards and used to review them almost daily. UW CCs i did half and CCS cases i did around 3 times.

Alhamdulillah ALLAH SWT helped me this time around, and although i felt like hell after giving the exam and remained miserable only until the result came.

Being persistent is the key, pray and remain +ve!!

All the best Everyone! :)
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