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* ccs uworld intercative please help
  oldmd888 - 06/08/20 09:13
  can someone help me with ccs. I got a subscription of u world and for interactive cases simple cystitis, it says that next oppintment is 14 days so do you need to move the clock the 14days? how about the final order culture i thought u already add that to the order when sending the patient home. is there a chance that the culture comes first and you need to change antibitic within 14 days? sorry for the confusion.  
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* Re:ccs uworld intercative please help
  musicalhorse - 06/13/20 11:58
  When it comes to interactive on uworld, it is just not right on that software. Original exam software is the best to practice and use Archer CCS video protocols to practice cases on the original software. You can get them at

If you go by Archer CCS, you just need to advance the clock by "next result" or "14 days" here in your case, you will get the pop-up with culture result - once that comes. you have an option to "stop the clock" or continue. If the result is something that needs you to change the antibiotic, stop the clock; go to the order sheet, and change the antibiotic. Like in real life, you can do it all while the patient location is at home. Go with Archer CCS and then practice Uworld; everything will much clearer and smoother, and I have been able to pass after 2 attempts with a big boost on CCS
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