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* Review course: Premier Review Vs. Archer for both
  pass2020 - 07/20/20 12:54
  Hello friends:
I am planning to take a review course for step 3 and wanted to get some recommendations or feedback regarding these two review courses if there is a better review course out there for step 3

Review course: Premier Review (8 day live lecture plus 3 month online videos) Vs. Archer for both theory and CCS?
Please advice,

Thank you
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* Re:Review course: Premier Review Vs. Archer for bo
  smile14 - 08/04/20 18:37
  I am writing this to share my experience with you guys in order to help those who are going through the same dilemma. Initially, the step 3 exam is not easy as we all were told. It needs preparation and practice within a planed schedule and time frame. My first attempt was 2015, have attended Kaplan live for 8 days and solved part of their question bank and Uworld after that. I remember reading most of Kaplan's notes, Master the board and solved Uworld Q bank and CCS cases. No NBME was attempted at that time. MY score was 187. Passing score 196

I decided to prepare again and set for the exam since I am almost there and would pass EASILY. My thinking was to do some quick review and Q bank again and set for the exam. The easiest and fastest way was Doctors in Training courses, step 3 Videos 299 $. It took me 3 weeks to finish them. I decided to set for the NBME assessment test and my score was just a joke below 200. I decided to do little more serious preparation and have read on one of the USMLE forums about the Brochert's Crush Step 3: The Ultimate USMLE Step 3 Review. It was not easy to read neither to understand, however, I completed the book and went through Uworld Qbank again.

Surprise!! Failed again.

Orthopedic surgeons are known to be hard-headed, you should believe it. I decided to do more preparation this time and set for the exam. I bought First Aid step 3 and spent 4 months reading and trying to memorize it. I have had no enough time to know this bok ins/out. It was not easy for a full-time orthopedic consultant working in 2 hospitals to finish it and could not understand all non ortho topics. Why would I care about the detailed story of a baby in his mom's uterus making noise before been delivered. I could not put the material together after completing the First aid book.

I looked online again and found a website for level assessment and guidance. It was not worth it at all. They charged me 325$ for a 1-hour consultation. However, they recommended I focus more on CCS ( great idea)and they believed my basics are not enough and I should read step 2CK materials. ( heart beats more than usual or decided to dance; how would you stop it) !!

I gave up and thought no more step 3 attempts. For no reason, I decided to go through this experience again and finish it. I bought DIT online course- Doctors in training step 2 videos and took 3 weeks off and wanted to improve my basic knowledge and have better prep for this time. I finished the course which was great and knew much more than I really needed for step 3. NBME 280. After reviewing all the material again and again and have reviewed Uworld for the 5th time I thought I would probably pass this time. I needed to work on my CCS. No online course was found that time. I found someone who taught me online for 75$/hr. He suggested CCS cases from a commercial website rather than Uworld. I have done all of that. The exam completed and the result was FAIL again.

Stuck and did not know what to do. I have read Kaplan notes, DIT, First aid, Crush, Sep 2CK material. CCS one to one, CCS course, CCS Uworld, Mapping CCS and not passing yet.

What else you could do? Asked google. Hey Google, I failed step 3; 3 times what to do next. No answer. Then Asked Siri, she made fun of me and could not help.
However, I asked google again and again. This time trying to find something different and look for others' experiences.

On the 4th searching page on google, I found a course called Premier review course for step 3, your success is our passion. I called the telephone number and had this conversation with Dr. Nayaz:
Hello, Do you have step 3 courses for those who failed step 3?
Dr. Nayaz; Yes. I can teach you what you are expected to know and you will pass if you follow my instruction.

I explained to him my situation and sent him my reports to show him how bad was my performance and told him about my experience. I attended 8 days review with and revised the note for 4 weeks and have had a study plan with a focus on weaknesses rather than do it all. Something I found very helpful by the premier review was the CCS online course- pre-recorded video of other students performing CCS online and short videos explaining the diseases and how to manage them.

I have changed the Qbank this time, I used Board Vitals to focus on my basics and U-world selectively for some topics to review topics with low performance. My NBME this time 400+

Result: PASS with a high score.

The moral of the story:
Find the right mentor who can do an accurate analysis of your performance
Focus on your weaknesses rather than do it all
Do Not give up.
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* Re:Review course: Premier Review Vs. Archer for bo
  mkusmle3 - 08/16/20 23:07
  Very good ad smile14. I have seen you writing nonsense in another thread and this confirms the suspicion. What is the crap course called premier you are talking about for $1225 ?? stop ripping IMGs  
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* Re:Review course: Premier Review Vs. Archer for bo
  seanbancroft - 01/15/21 19:32
  Hi, thanks for reviewing this course, I was also very interested in it. I am preparing to apply for a scholarship next year, and now, along with the writing service, I am learning to write an essay. By the way, thanks to I learned about such courses and that it needed for a successful result and further education. So I will look for similar courses, if you know any good ones, please advise me)  
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* Re:Review course: Premier Review Vs. Archer for bo
  sammustar - 01/30/21 20:20
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