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* Passed step 3 1st attempt(10/5/20) study strategy
  bfg9000 - 10/31/20 14:28
  Guys people say this exam is easy but it is tough; I was concerned about the exam and read some threads here so I thought I would let you know what I did and I hope it helps someone

Uworld first, random tutor mode (60% correct); this took about 2 months and was doing questions during rotations during down time and after work
Read new master the boards while doing incorrects over and over untill every question was correct; this took about 3 weeks; read 20-30 pages a day and again doing questions
Next I finished the bio stats review which took a couple of days
Then I read master the boards again while doing uworld a second time; had time off now so I was smashing the content; was getting 80-90% on UW; when I was about half way through UW I did the first UWSA approx. 3 weeks before my exam and got 195 -OK not great!
Continued with UW and when I finished it and master the boards a second time I did the UWSA2 and got 205; spent the last few days studying tables and note cards I made of quick recall stuff like endo ab or hemonc stuff and went for the first day.

The first day is extremely tough.. the questions are abstract and require intuition more than book learning; after finishing the first day I was just thinking to myself there is no way to study for that, I felt like I knew 20% for sure

I had a week between the 1st and 2nd day

During that week I did the NBME cases once, once, uworld cases once, and read the cases in the back of first aid step 3 once, however those cases in the first aid are an excellent reference
Went over my note cards again and went for day 2

The second day was much easier. There was a lot of book knowledge in the theoretical part and I felt like I knew 50%; I messed up a couple of cases because of the pressure, 90% of the cases can be found in those resources I mentioned above; I had a lymphoma case and couldn't remember all the R-chop drugs and the case wouldn't end with an oncology consult, and a weird assault case, however it did end positively;

After it all I did get 225, which was a pleasant surprise

Good luck all, I hope it goes well, I'll check to see if you guys have questions Ill try to get back to you
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