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* NBME 5 Question - Baby Rash
  step3_2013 - 12/26/20 14:40
  A 6-month-old male infant is brought to the office by his parents because of the onset of a facial rash 3 days ago.
Pregnancy and delivery were normal, but during the neonatal period a slightly red and scaly rash was noted on his scalp
and forehead. Treatment with 1% hydrocortisone cream controlled the rash. The patientís growth and development have
been normal. He is the third child in the family and both of his siblings have asthma; one sibling also has atopic dermatitis.
Vital signs today are axillary temperature 39.0 C (102.2F), pulse 100/min, and respirations20/min. The patient is fussy.
Physical examination discloses the eruption shown in the photography.

There is no adenopathy. The remainder of the
physical examination discloses no abnormalities. The most appropriate next step is to the order which of the following?
A. Bacterial culture of the skin
B. Biopsy of the skin
C. KOH preparation of the skin
D. Scabies preparation of the skin
E. No test is necessary

Answer is E. What disease is this?
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* Re:NBME 5 Question - Baby Rash
  malena - 12/27/20 13:21
  neonatal seborrheic dermatitis  
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* Re:NBME 5 Question - Baby Rash
  irha - 03/28/21 15:58
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