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* Medical Observerships and externships
  ampn - 03/05/20 22:16

IMG applying to US residency for first time? Second time? US graduate with gap in medical experience due to career change, illness family situation relocation?

Expand and improve your chances at securing a US residency with our exclusive externship and observership programs located on Long Island, New York. Just a short train ride or drive from New York City. Work with World Class practicing physicians in a combination of outpatient and inpatient settings to get the US Clinical Experience required by most US based residency programs. We place out candidates to work with some of the finest physicians in their respective fields and at the completion of your rotation you will receive not only a merit based letter of recommendation (LOR) for upload into ERAS, but a Certificate of Completion which will be verifiable through our organization. Do not let a gap in your medical training ruin your chances of getting the residency you want! We strive to recruit the best and the brightest physician preceptors from some of the most highly rated institutions in the area to host our clients at a reasonable cost.

We are not the least expensive program, however, we offer superior exposure and industry recognized experience which will translate favorably towards your residency application. With US medical schools gradually increasing their enrollment and residency positions becoming harder for IMG's to obtain, this type of direct experience is invaluable to making your application stand out.

Contact us today to discuss your needs!

(Due to time differences and the international nature of our clients we prefer to communicate via e-mail)


Housing and transportation locating assistance available.

We DO NOT sponsor Visas but will be pleased to provide any necessary letters to clients once enrolled and in good standing.

International Medical Schools/ Alumni Groups:

Please contact us for group rates, ongoing contractual placement of selective rotations.

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