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* STEP 1 Tutor Committed To Helping You Succeed
  medschoolusmletutor - 04/29/20 12:25
  Hello USMLE Forum,

I hope everyone is staying safe during this time. I am a tutor that currently has availability to work closely with a student to help them excel on their exam. I have years of experience working with students. From undergraduate to medical school, I have been able to help them increase their confidence and competence so they perform well on their required exams. I currently attend a US MD program and I scored 260+ on Step 1 and will be able to share with you what Iíve learned going through the process.

I do things slightly differently from other tutors where I only work with one or two students at a time. It allows me to focus and assess where they need improvement and allows me to track their progress. After each session, as well as weekly, the student and I will go over their performance and what they should work on for the next session. Itís critical for there to be continual improvement as you prepare for Step 1, and to identify any weaknesses as soon as possible. Together we can work on your study schedule, test-taking strategies, as well as solidify concepts.

I am extremely flexible with my availability and will work with you to figure out a schedule.

Please let me know if you are interested in working closely with a tutor, I currently have availability for a student.

You can contact me at the email below with any further questions:
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* Re:STEP 1 Tutor Committed To Helping You Succeed
  rssb2019 - 06/14/20 08:59
  Dear Tutor, I would like to know more about you. Please contact me on my cell : +919818421042 and we can discuss.  
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* Re:STEP 1 Tutor Committed To Helping You Succeed
  amyketner - 11/03/20 07:22
  Thanks for this post, I am now thinking about the idea with a tutor. I used to use various writing services to help with my studies, often Papers Owl. A year ago I found a very good site where I read a lot of reviews and decided to give it a try. But this year I want to try a different method of helping in my studies, but I don't really like the online format(  
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