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* Critical Care Research Trainee
  dr_dang - 06/23/20 15:03
  Critical Care Research Trainee
Mayo Clinic Department of Critical Care in Jacksonville, Florida is looking for research trainees to be part of our research team.
The Research Trainee role is intended to provide a mentored, educational opportunity to qualified individuals to gain experience in research.
Applicant Eligibility Requirements:
Completion of an MD or equivalent degree
Full-time commitment for at least 6 months
Must be a United States citizen or permanent resident or will be required to have an appropriate visa status as determined by Immigration Services of the Mayo Clinic Legal Department. (B-1/B-2 visa status or Visa Waiver Program may not be used.)
If selected for the position, the offer would be made with the understanding that you will have sufficient personal financial support to accommodate your living expenses throughout the duration of the mentorship, there is no commitment from Mayo Clinic to supplement this support. Priority would be given to applicants with experience in clinical research.
Applicants are required to provide a personal statement explaining the skill sets they would bring to the team and the level of commitment they are ready to show.
An interview would be conducted for a shortlist of candidates through Skype or Zoom

Interested applicants please email your resume, personal statement and three letters of recommendation to:
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* Re:Critical Care Research Trainee
  clinimindsindia - 07/08/20 05:37
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