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Psychiatry 2011 - nono - ArchivalUser - 09-02-2010

Please post your IVs and Rejections.

Gl to all.

0 - ArchivalUser - 09-02-2010 reply yet

0 - ArchivalUser - 09-02-2010

loads of progs have not even downloaded the applicatn yet!! i guess psych ivs come quite late....

0 - ArchivalUser - 09-02-2010

get psych ivs as early as possible..... psych is the most competitive as it is the back-up program for all applicants........
i kept waitin for psych ivs last year, thinking that they cum late. my iv came in late nov, scheduled for dec end....... n i didnt match...... the pd's told me that the selection was over wen i interviewed..... although no pre-match was given.

So get ur psych ivs as early as possible!!!!!!!!!!!!

0 - ArchivalUser - 09-02-2010

psych programs are usually slow. they will start looking application by 3rd week of september

0 - ArchivalUser - 09-02-2010

Email=1 (Email from Univ of Nevada: that they have recieved my application)

0 - ArchivalUser - 09-02-2010

If they start to look at our applications on 3rd week of September, do have any idea when they start to send IV?
I've applied to 74 program, can I ask how many program did you apply and if you apply for any other program beside psyc ?

0 - ArchivalUser - 09-02-2010

last year, i believe, they started in October. Even some programs in November. Its vary from program to program. No hard and fast rule.

You can check last year thread....'''psychiatry 2010''''. You will have idea.


0 - ArchivalUser - 09-02-2010

super old IMG

S-1 passed 2nd attp
S-2 91
CS 3rd attp
S-3 79

one year psy ob
one month in hos ob
3 letters from psy
applied 85 pgms so far
Come on, let's go on to the fighting!

0 - ArchivalUser - 09-02-2010

applied but no reply yet...