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Bond for Indian doctors going to the US - chandanagowda - ArchivalUser - 05-15-2012

Is it true that Indian doctors who are applying for US residency from the year 2012 would have have to sign a bond saying that they would return to India after their studies?
Has this rule come in to force?
If anyone knows about this please let me know.


0 - ArchivalUser - 05-15-2012

Yes it is true. Thats why it will be MUCH harder for a indian to land a residency. Good news for all other IMGs.

0 - ArchivalUser - 05-16-2012

wow that is crazy, is it for everyone or just the ones that went to a gov't funded school?

0 - ArchivalUser - 05-16-2012

Indian Passport Holders no matter the school.

0 - ArchivalUser - 05-17-2012

i have heard about this and it is really disheartening a i would like to apply for residency in the US as well, i was hoping that there is another way to come around this law or maybe make it easier to apply for residency as well since i was planning to practice in the US as well. i hope that they will be more open to this idea so that there will be more opportunities for us as well.

0 - ArchivalUser - 05-17-2012

Is this true for people who join on J1 /H1 visa or even for those Indians who don't need visa , i mean EAD , GC also.
Can anyone please clarify

thank you

0 - ArchivalUser - 05-17-2012

For ANY Indian Passport Holder! Its really that easy nothing to clarify. If you have any other passport you are fine.

0 - ArchivalUser - 05-18-2012

Umm The rule applies to only J1 visa holders and NOT H1,EAD,GC etc.
And don worry,Its completely unconstitutional,It wont come up.
Even if it does,It will have a financial component.
The MCI wont approve it so easily and the US needs to give permission.Common US is already short of docs and dey wont give u residency seats just to run away to India and not work.Imgs contribute to 26% workforce.
So take a chill pill and prepare.
Source:So many newspapers,Kaplan office,Ministry of health itself I had called up.
THE BOND IS JUST A PROPOSAL.THE MOH is just making you sign an affidavit saying any new rules,you have to follow!


0 - ArchivalUser - 05-18-2012

Btw Miss chandana whih state are you from?

0 - ArchivalUser - 05-18-2012

actually source is wrong in 2nd link doesnt mention anything about medicine it is for all j1 visas so source is wrong

ministry of health and mci have confirmed it is all for visa holders h1/j1 etc i got good contacts there and they have already prepared the forms for affidavit and it is regardless of visa