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NYIT COM (NYCOM) EPP (Émigré Physician) 2015 - luckyboyofny - ArchivalUser - 12-30-2014

Hi guys!
Does anyone have any news about NYIT COM EPP 2015 application process?
Did anyone get an interview ?
Could you share please ?

0 - ArchivalUser - 01-05-2015

Not yet. They sent an email about receipt of my application ( sent mid October) and saying they are in the process of reviewing applications.
I am just wondering did any applicant already get an interview invitation? If so let us know please!

0 - ArchivalUser - 01-06-2015


0 - ArchivalUser - 01-13-2015

@ tinttint

I saw you had an interview with NYCOM. I also got an interview. It is on 20th. Would you let me talk to you about the interview? I would really appreciate your reply.

Thank you.

0 - ArchivalUser - 01-13-2015

Congrats, Could you please tell me when did you sent your application and when did you get your interview invitation?
The interview is cs like (usmle 2-cs) and basic questions.
Reason to check your ability to communicate in English.

0 - ArchivalUser - 01-13-2015


NYCOM received my application on December 1st (last day). I received the interview email last week.

Did you interview with NYCOM?

0 - ArchivalUser - 01-13-2015

@mrutyan, i applied in last week of november.and received the interview email last week too. @atoviva, when is your interview? mine is on the 22nd Jan. are you from another state or NY? where do you intend to stay? Whats the best way to get to the school from manhattan?
Thanks and good luck to all.

0 - ArchivalUser - 01-14-2015

My interview is on 20th. I am not from NY. I do not know the best way to get to the school from Manhattan, I guess drive would be an option. Do you have any idea about the interview process? I am blank. If you know please share.

0 - ArchivalUser - 01-14-2015

Thanks guys for the activity.
3 days ago got II. Application sent on November.
As i have heard from other applicants the interview is CS like and consist of 5 conversation with the "patients" no physical check up though, just conversation as they want to check your communication skills in English, and 1 conversation with "no patient" -just regular question -tell me about yourself...
I have heard that its a very simple and quiet interview, so don't panic.
The best way from the city is to get a cub (expensive) or from Pen station to Greenvale station which is the closest to the campus (Greenvale, Bryant Avenue, Glen Head, NY 11545). From the Greenvale station take a bus or a taxi to campus. For the taxi you should call taxi service.
Some ppl traveling by bus from Queens by buses # N20, N20L N21 ( copy and paste :,+NY/Northern+Blvd,+Old+Westbury,+NY+11568/@40.7802431,-73.894528,11z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x89c24369470a592b:0x4109d18b6c5c7b05!2m2!1d-73.866667!2d40.75!1m5!1m1!1s0x89c28427aa6240f9:0xca049db5ca81e3a7!2m2!1d-73.591565!2d40.8195438!3e3?hl=en ).

Good luck

0 - ArchivalUser - 01-14-2015

Hi Everyone,
I would like to prepare for the interview with anyone in NY area. My IV on 01/23. if you would like to work on ur interview with someone plz let me know.