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Official 2016 Psychiatry Invite/Rejection Thread - diverticulosis - ArchivalUser - 09-14-2015

Hi guys, so I'm applying for psychiatry residency this year, and thought I would start this thread for others who are applying as well. I wish everyone the best of luck tomorrow. I'll list some general info about me, if you want to list your credentials feel free to do so. Let's list our invites and rejections here as well as the weeks go on. Good luck Smile

Late 2013 Caribbean grad, Step 1 200s, Step 2CK 240+, Step 2 CS pass, Step 3 216 (Step 1, 2CK, and Step 3 Pass in 1st attempt, CS Pass 2nd attempt), US Citizen, US college graduate, applying to app. 100 programs.

0 - ArchivalUser - 09-14-2015

I am in. Applying 65 programs..

215/231/cs second attempt/197. Yog 2008.. No visa required.

Let's hope for the best. Good Luck !!!

0 - ArchivalUser - 09-14-2015

could you please share if you have research experience in psych or publications, prior residency, clinical experience or observerships and if letters are from american psychiatrist - if so how many.

Thank you

0 - ArchivalUser - 09-14-2015

Hi Sara, I don't have any research in psych or any publications. I completed all my rotations in the US including 10 weeks of adult and child psychiatry. I've also been volunteering at a psychiatric hospital near my home for the past several month so hopefully that helps.

In terms of letters I have 4 total, with 2 being from the 2 psychiatrists I rotated under during med school.

0 - ArchivalUser - 09-15-2015

Just finished applying. Wish everyone good luck Smile

0 - ArchivalUser - 09-15-2015

Hi diverticulosis,

I just read your Step 3 pass post. I have some questions and needed help. Is there any way to contact you, I don't feel comfortable posting all my information on this forum. any email address? perhaps an email address you've used before to communicate with people from this forum?

I'll truly appreciate it.


0 - ArchivalUser - 09-15-2015

Hi sam,

I'd be glad to help you. Unfortunately I don't have any email address that I use to communicate with on this forum. You can surely post some qs if you like in my Step 3 pass thread, and I'll give you whatever advice you need.

0 - ArchivalUser - 09-15-2015


i'll do that, thanks!

0 - ArchivalUser - 09-15-2015

Are you guys doing any preliminary or tansitional?
2010/210/222/research in psych,no publications in psych-but publications and posters in other specialties/ letter3 from psych, 1 IM/ externship IM, PEDs, FM/ US born/
50 transitional/preliminary

0 - ArchivalUser - 09-15-2015

Hi sara, good luck!

I'm not doing any transitional/preliminary programs. I only applied to the psych programs. Let's hope for the best.