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An Inspirational Match - priya99 - 10-03-2021

Read in

Each year, Match Day ushers in thousands of stories of medical students grasping their residency dreams. But Match Day 2020 brought an extremely rare one: A mother and daughter graduating from medical school at the same time and both matching to the same institution. “My mother is the most inspiring person in my life, and she is one of the only reasons I was able to make it to where I am today,” says Jasmine Kudji, 26, who will begin a General Surgery residency at LSU Health New Orleans. “Jasmine has been my rock through this journey,” says Cynthia Kudji, 49, who will begin her residency in Family Medicine at LSU Health Lafayette.

RE: An Inspirational Match - svasya - 10-09-2021

Very inspirational mother and daughter!

RE: An Inspirational Match - priya99 - 10-11-2021

Ya, I wish I will join my mom in med school Smile