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SP for Step-1. - drsid93 - 03-26-2023

Hi, I’m Sid, From Andhra Pradesh, India. Completed MS in 2020. Im looking for a reliable and dedicated study partner, Who can spend some time (6hrs daily) going through concepts, do Q-banks and motivate each other at times.

I’m Using USMLE-Rx; Sketchy Micro and Sketchy Pharm; Kaplan Biochemistry; First aid and Boards and Beyond as my resources. Planning to go through UWorld as soon as I’m done with the first pass of FA. I’m planning to take the exam in 6 months. If anyone are interested, Please mail me at 
Thanks  Smile

RE: SP for Step-1. - planeshivering - 05-04-2023

A fairly detailed plan for the best results of the process