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step 1 tutoring - samermhanna62 - 03-26-2024

Hello everyone
I'm an experienced USMLE tutor with a history of great performance on USMLE exams! I have >400 hours of tutoring experience and personally scored a 265 on Step 2 ck ,268 on step 1 and score 245 step 3 .
If you are struggling or facing difficulties in your preparation studies, don' t hesitate to contact me.
I explain each topic then solve many related questions.
i will tell u important details to focus on to get high grade .
My students spend significantly less time studying than others with similarly high scores, as I show students how to focus on content likely to be tested and use rapid memorization strategies that also allow for long-lasting retention.
I previously worked through a well-known private tutoring company that charged students to work with me, but recently decided to tutor independently which allows me to offer a lower rate for the same online tutoring session.
My schedule is flexible, and I will try my best to accommodate everyone.
If you're interested ,kindly contact me with any questions by messenger or

RE: step 1 tutoring - brasob - 05-29-2024

How can I contact you?

RE: reply - samermhanna62 - 05-29-2024

(05-29-2024, 03:05 AM)brasob Wrote: How can I contact you?

u can contact me by emsol message

RE: step 1 tutoring - Shilpadoc - 06-26-2024

I am interested in helping for free I can be a study partner I passed my exam

RE: step 1 tutoring - skiingdidactic - 07-10-2024

It is really important experience to have effective review method. Thank you for updating the information.