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NYIT COM (NYCOM) EPP (Émigré Physician) 2015 - luckyboyofny
on February 2nd another group of 24 candidates , so total : 120 candidates , up to this date as we know .
Feb 2nd was two groups 10 each , majority of them from last year ( 2nd time invitation )
they screwed them due to bad weather and were in hurry .
most of applicant had a bad day experience .
@ sheemeer1978

Are you one of them? Do you know any more interview dates?

We were thinking they interviewed 120, but with your information it is about 112.


I guess the waiting game!!
No , my date was Dec 8.
i have one friend his interview was feb 2nd .
They did not give and date about replying
Hope to know early so i can arrange

Thanks for your reply. Do you know any interview date other than the following?

december 8: 24
jan 20 : 12
jan 22: 12
jan 23: 24
jan 30 : 24
feb 2: 20

Let us know.
So far they interviewed 116 applicant. I counted wrong in my previous post.
hi guys pls I need advice,for the English proficiency those who did toefl,what materials or course or how did u go about it,mine was 80 and I need 90.Pls HEELLPPPPPP!!!
response is appreciated asap pls
mrutyan and hamzara,what course did u take for toefl?i prepped myself bt scored 80.plshelp me with necessary information and prep tools to get above 90,thanx
any help is much aappreciated
The best for me was Notefull (
I got above 90. It is cheap and easy.
Good luck!
thank you epp,which of their program?is it the 3step or did u get a tutor or online only?thank u
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