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very old IMG - ranaali
THANKS to all who replied my post.Question to toppersux about 13.5k grntee course,is it really bad?.Anyone know about course ,this site seems very legitimate any idea?.To answer 5344 my kids still need me but i have a lot of time now to work and my husband is very is not an issue but i don't want to waste it until i am sure about the program because i have done that in the past with my own hard earn money.I have worked as a PA with gyn/obs doctor and did a lot of infertility,getting letters and recommendations is not a problem,infact lot of family and friends are doctors i don't know if that can help? You are right about one thing geographical boundary,otherwise i still be working may be part time.What do u mean by (sp,sp,sp) ?. Well its a long haul towards getting in the residency program.,first thing is to pass the exam with good score.And my last question to fireice...? other then kaplan what about any books for bio, physio and pharma.
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