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very old IMG - ranaali
candidly I will advice you not to waste your time and money .Usmle exams have changed over time, tougher and tougher everyay. all those who scored 90 and above in step 1 few 3- 4 yrs ago cannot even score up to 80 right now. exam questions more difficult now and will still be modified ny 2014. Don't waste time at all. I know of IMGs who graduated 6 - 7 yrs ago and with 95 in both step 1 and Ck, and passed CS first attempt, they are still struggling with residency applications each yr. Nowadays, programs do NOT have time for graduates more than 5 yrs graduation. too much competitive IMGs within 2 - 3 yrs graduation, young and energetic..think before you leap..I am sure you will give up in the middle.
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