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Anyone awake tonight waiting for CS result? - dr_jazzy
for me, i made a mistake thinking that it would have been last i was waiting all night last night as well...and this is second night for me......yes they should put 17th instead.
hey zafirleukast
the best way to null symp overact. is to expend your energy so much that you are left with none..shake your head wildly 10 times and move your hands vigourouly in all directions till you get breathless ,, the n when you stop ask yurself -are you calm now,,do let me know whats your answer to yourself..
17th morning though
has anyones oasis got updated ,or may be should we wait till the morning, its really testing moment , but we got good support over here hi every one I pray for all and good luck
hey guys
i have come here just to cheer u up..if you dont want me then i had rather go on my bed ..nobody taking interest inmy party
thats insult yar
munna bhai bura manenge na bhai

i am sleeping.

plz post here if oasis is updated.

let god bless everyone

hey dude, we r enjoying ur party.but a little bit tensed.
chalo wonder bhai
gud night ,,you will pass throw a party in yur dreams or come toattend mine
okkkkk zindagani here .... wish u guys all the best Smile /... happy partying
welcome zindagani
you look like you have a taste in wine
so what wine french ,italina ,australian

no dont touch that peanut bowl ..munnu got too drunk today and threw up in that
sorry munnu batana pada yar
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