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Anyone awake tonight waiting for CS result? - dr_jazzy
hey laptop,
pls dont leave us with this overacting symp.......i am enjoying ur songs and party with this tachypnea and flushing face.
if you dont dance you will just watch paro dance
by the way paro wants to know which clothes she should wear for the mujhra
whats your fav color
thanks zafir
to be honest only paro can keep me awake and that too only in red clothes and sans chunni babu
but i will hold fort guys ,i am up for you all..anybody come up with sumthing interesting..
zafir you are symp ovractive ..isnt the rush of blood to your tongue making it go insane ..come up with the most weird thing..anybody
9:50 pm PT exciting
now zindagani
why did you come with your father knowing that its an adult party and you wont be able to drink in front of your father..anyways your bad luck ..
zafir ,,chandramukhi is calling at you ,why dont you look at her
and munnu paro just told me to ask you to part your hairs the other way
hey laptop, ru also waiting for result. paroo boool mein arooo bool kee
nice party........hope this continues after the result.............................
now guys ,,this overbearing participation by you all has sedated and hypnotized me i guess..
i am gonna go to bed now..hope things will be fine tonight for you all..
i just passed by the forum and realized there is a tense bunch of people so i thought i will share the tension
good luck you all lovely- but not as lovely as paro- people
hey laptop

U R ADORABLE................
you asked a good ques so i thought i would reply before going
no bro iam not waiting ..i passed it last december..
why dont you take the lead munnu ,zafir and carry the party forward
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