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All Steps DVD's, Don't pay more than you hav -
kk - kvrr1971

please send me details of step.1 dvds (price) e-mail: kvrr1971
abdo - cabdoh

i want to buy all the step 2 material - including DVD video lectures
Abrar - abrarmaqsood

I want Step 1 & Step 3 DVD lectures.
Ramesh - rvenk1

Hi, I would be interested in any step 2 materials you have, especially audio CDs if you have them. Please let me know your prices for the DVDs, kaplan notes, audio CDs etc.

Thank you very much
medupch - medupch

I m interested in getting all the set step1-2-3 please send more details..about audio and video qualuty..prices....bonus..shipping inf..what year are ur dvds? center prep or highlights???? avi or mpeg format? the more bonus the better..and special good prices
Master it ... Don't memorize it - free1_kaplan

We are selling Dr Francis; step 1, 2, 3 and step2 CS materials
from kaplan Visit us at:

Dr. Francis videos; Feel the black power within yourself...

Master it ... Don't memorize it
Master medical information to know how to clinically integrate it and become empowered by it. that is a phrase by Dr. francis himself...
ncik - nxsonp

I wnat to buy the dvds. please email with price..hours, and number of discs and i will pay.

mirza - mirzagalib6

i need step 1 dvd
some - rajiv2

nikolas - [email protected]

I have lot´s of passwords. New England , Lancet, Pediatrics...
Please send step 2 material ( ck and cs) and I send you the passwods and psyq and fp lists entirely for free
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