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Keep up the hope.!! - comrade

I feel scores are one aspect of judjing a potential candidate and most sites say that they use scores as one of the primary screening tools along with year of graduation and USCE.
Having any of these or their absence doesnt make a final comment on your ability or potential as a physician but they are just what they are meant to be the screening tools.

I got a rejection from Creighton University and they said that they cannot consider my application because of the volume of applications they have received this year.

Guys lets not become negative or pessimists.but the fact is so many people are applying at so many places irresp of the reason its not possible for programs to scrutinize each applcant.

So lets just put in our best and let God do the rest.

We all need to be strong and strength is not always about raising voices and doubts but also about accepting situations when they cannot be changed.

Good luck to all.
i agree 100%!!!!!!

keep an eye on the road and a hand upon the wheel
let it rollWink
Hi view is also the same...god will do the rest .....and i know tht USCE is more imp than year since gradu and usmle of my fren last year who is 2001 gradu w/ scores 83/84/pass 2nd attempt/83 but having 3 mths Observership got IM (with 3 calls ) ...and the other friend w/ same year gradu,95/99/pass 1st attempt/85 didn't match despite 13 calls in IM.....THE two fundamental differences between them are:
1) the one who got had USCE.
2) the one who got is confident,bold and w/ good english fluency ..than the other .
So, no matter how many calls u get , be perfect at the one u get .......thx...
Thanks for your story. Your post made me feel motivated.                                                                  fall guys wordle unlimited
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