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halloween is gone, IVs are coming. - nutsbolts
BUT we have seen and heard of things like that and that's why life is all about being careful about what we boast of......
Yes,u could say this is a sermon and all,but I wanted you to be more careful,pride does really go before a fall,which can come in VARIOUS ways.
dear dy, in the hypothetical world anything is possible. A lot of people seem to be living in it....these are the people who think and are stupid enough to say aloud that scores are useless(even though generations of residency applicants and this year's status have proven it wrong). U are one of those hypothetical people. I hate to say these...but whenever ur wife or mom goes out there is a chance that somebody would rape and kill them..(god forbid..i pray this nevr happens)...but this is a hypothetical world and anything is possible....would you prevent them from leaving home...if yes, i would definetely calm down...
Herenow, you are missing my point!
I have always known that good scores make sense and are an asset and I definitely worked for that and got that too but,Kuru's statements and responses are on the edge of unecessary boastings and if he keeps that attitude,might not even help him in interviews.That is why not just one or two pple in the last match with double99,DID NOT MATCH.
I am only giving him some caution,which we all need esp when we think we have achieved the 'unacheivable'.
My last word on this.

anyways, good luck and god bless...kuru, relax...dy, sorry if i hurt ur feelings..
Do we have to send printed photo as well as uploading electronic photo?

Or just uploading electronic photo ok?
why you are using this old thread to paste your question, nobody will read it here. I advice you when you have question select the "matching and residency" tab on the left side and post a new thread so all people in this form can give you their opinions.

anyway, you cannot send a photo any more . you have only to upload it through oasis.
hello friends
i have uploaded my photo today. when will it be available?
will my application considered as incomplete?
me too...they r gone mad. iam 99/99/cs 1st attempt/ gc but they rejected me.
It’s a long way though. There is a lot of time left for Halloween. I enjoyed it with my nephews and nieces. I hope I have the same fun next year Smile
i hv no ivs yet
step1 87/210
step2 99/228
cs in 2nd attempt
grad 2006?
is it too late to apply to anymore programs?had 7/8 rejections?so disappointed.applied to 126
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