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pathology interveiw thread - happy_doctor
koil... calm down..

interviews are expected for october... it's too early!
No news koil...I think its bit too early for pathologists to decide...they usually take time, this is the basic attitude in pathology, to scruitinize the most basic in your CV and your PS
hi dreamgirl
can u please share ur credentials with us.
i have also applied to pathology only and have applied to 36 prog.
any idea about a recommendation letter from a physician assistant who is also a CEO of some organisation will help. or it will have some negative impact.
however i have mentioned my observership at his place where i also observed and met physiacians, in my CAF
any suggestions will b highly appreciated
Any Good/Bad news from anyone till now?
I have a question: when u apply to one dept, sometimes they have AP, CP and AP/CP, r u suppose to only apply to one? or u can apply for more, if u apply for more than one, is it considered that you applied to two program? ... A little confused here .... Thanks!
No it doesnt mean that you have applied to two programmes, you can check any number of supplementaries within a single programme and you wont be charged extra for that. so happy applying and better apply to AP and CP both.

What are your creds and how many are you applying?
applied for pathology only. 33 programs so far. No responses.
Still the same..but I applied for more
no US PhD+ no publications=failure in path
I have us phD+3 published+3-in press+many meeting's posters and oral presentations. Migraine2007. are you happy now?:-)). true though.
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