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pathology interveiw thread - happy_doctor
yeah, hopefully ur PD would be happy 2. good luck oxygen
Hey happy,

I am trying very hard to keep this thread alive. Any encouragement?

I have a question, I just applied 3 california programs and I want to know if they have already start downloading any application in the past few days. Anybody applied USC and UCI and UCSD, please let me know. thanks.

of 36 only 20 prog have downloaded my application till 4th lor is not uploaded as yet, will my application be considered as incomplete without 4th Lor.
this lor is from a physician assistant, CEO of immune recovery foundation, where i did observership for a month.
will lor from PA be considered as negative in my application
except this i have no other USCE
any suggestions please.
anybody please
Thanks oxygen, kingfisher,koil to keep this thread alive.
will keep posted
hi happy_doctor
can u please suggest me something about the LOR thing.
this one is a nice thread
will keep it alive
I had also given 4 LORs and my 4th LOR is not uploaded, since I have not assigned it to any of the programme.
Most of the programmes require only 3 LORs and the 4th is optional, this is what most of the programmes on website write and what ever PD/PCs have told me in their mail corrspondance.

Best LORs shall be from the person who knows you best, have a significant seniority from you [professor or associate professor] ,have good publications and under whom you have directly worked and have been evaluated by that person.

Regarding USCE I am not much aware of, since I do not have any of it.
thanks Happy_doc for the reply
87/87/pass/79, 1999 grad,previous path residency, applied to 80 programs , no news till now
I juss recieved from henery ford that... my application is recieved and reveiwed and if found suitable for interveiw they will contact me [what does that mean] only acknowledgement?
creds: as earlier posted
91/86/CS[2nd attempt]/MD Pathology/3 years exp in pathology/ 4 pub/1 book chapter/ reserach/ many presentaions and posters/ step 3 still to give.

God save but at least silence is broken...
Also applied to pathology.
99/99/pass, 1994 grad. 11years research experience. 20 published manuscipts. USCE for 3 months but forgot to put it in CAF. 2 LOR from US pathologists arrive before sept1, 1 from US cardiologist hasn't arrived postoffice. 1 from another pathologist but hasn't been sent out yet.
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