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pathology interveiw thread - happy_doctor
Those are great shall expect mass general or harvard etc
hi everyone...path hopeful here...83/87/awaiting CS...naturalized US citizen...2006 grad from the philippines...bachelor's in medical technology (lab med)...currently in my 2nd month with a path group in michigan...1 lor uploaded...1 sent 2 weeks ago (and still not appearing as received by ecfmg...arg!!!)...1 is being written as we speak...i have some research experience from undergrad and med school, but nothing published...sent my apps to 30 programs so far...will add more later if i don't hear from far not a peep from anyone, but 26 have started to download my app (or what's available of it anyway!).

good luck everyone!
I am applying for pathology

scores >95/>97/ CS passed all first attempt, ECFMG certified, 2004 grad, 1US letter from pathologist, MD in IM from my home country, ongoing experience volunteer and research in US program

NOT applyied yet!... waiting for an upgrade in my CV

Probably,Im applying this weekend
wow...people applyig to path have incredible credentials...i have all of my fingers crossed now...

an update for anyone who's curious: these are the places that people (from another forum) have gotten invites from (american grads with superb scores i'm sure)...unm, bid and jefferson.

i haven't heard from anyone (nor do i expect to any time soon), but i do have some good news. my 2nd lor has been "received" by ecfmg...hopefully it'll be available on eras soon. followed up with my 3rd letter writer and she says she's still trying to tweak it to make really strong. so i'm not rushing her!

any imgs heard from any programs lately?
what is BID
I got an intrview from henry ford Smile
BID is beth isreal, a very good program.
sorry about that...just for clarification:

unm - university of new mexico
bid - beth israel deaconess (one of the harvard programs)
jefferson - thomas jefferson

patho79 also got one from henry this in detroit?

quiet on my front's everybody else doing?
any body got any interview ??
just to keep this thread on first two pages
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