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pathology interveiw thread - happy_doctor
got rejection from mayo clinic rochester.
hi everybody .I just want to know how to prepare for interview. Do they ask about pathology or its just formal interview?
I am a old IMG graduate from 1987, Pathologist and PhD in my Country, eight years research experimence in Canada, with good publiucation records, 3 pathologist LOR, another from a Ph.D scientist, work in the lab of a Pathologist for 4 yrs. Step 1, 2, 3, is 86/80/88 respectively, apply for pathology program, nothing happened now, most of the program download my stuff.

Any chance?
Hi Koil,

What's you creds?
step 1 90 step 2 92 cs cleared all first attempt. 8 months u.s path research expereince as well u.s experience in internal medicine /fm 6 months .GREEN CARD.

so not taking chances on path only as matching to path is much much tougher and see my chances slim ....
Got an email from thomas jefferson, just a notice and NO iv nO REJ.
Oh.. Im getting so nervous!!

Still can not apply (not even to a single one)... next week only,
aaaaaaaa I want interviews !!!!

Also just wanted to keep this page in the first one and check how are you guys doing.... eheheh

I got an email from Thomas jefferson in PA ,telling that they received my application.If they need any other information they will let me know.Atleast some body responded.

Hey ,I read on the forum that University of Tennesse at memphis send somebody an interview.I didnot apply to that program.I had a friend who was doing residency in that university and was friend with residents in path and told me that the program stinks.

The associate program director is racist and he is the reason the program is unmatched every year.Very difficult to deal person who can ruin your career.
Heard they kicked out 2 or more residents from their program.Well the best thing is to go on the website and see the residents ,PD AND associate PD.
Hi, Guys:

I believe it is too early to get any rsponse now, just be cool and see what will happen. Everybody has different background, hard to compare each other except score. Score play an important in the Screening process, interview mean much. Pathologist and residency told me.
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