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pathology interveiw thread - happy_doctor
hi Koil,
A Qs for TU/TN patho program, 'associate program director is racist and he is the reason the program is unmatched every year', what do you mean? He looks like Indian or from Mid-east. Being racist, you mean he likes IMGs or doen't like IMGs. They kicked out several residents, do you know why?
hi everyone...just keeping this on the first page...

no word for me this past week...trying not to be so anxious...and desperately hoping for ecfmg to hurry with the scanning and uploading of lors!

have a great weekend everyone...
no replies from anywhere
just to keep it on first page
Thanks everyone for keeping this thread ob the top.

Still there is silence on my side., only notification mails.

koil please tell the details about memphis programme and how true it is?
We know there is prematch in IM and FM, does this ever happene in Pathology? Please reply if knew any? thanks
I think there were prematch to pathology. I check some programs from NRMP last year and their quota is 5 or 6 but in fact they had 7 or 8 residents which means 2-3 were from prematch. whenever the quota number is not the same as the real residents they had, there was a prematch
well happy doc ,I cannot verify anything which was not my experience ,but this is what I have heard.
I think the best thing is to call the program and ask them that were there any people dismissed from your program and why.

They might hide but once you tell them that you know they were dismissed ,they might tell the reason.
Also you can check the website and see the pictures of everybody for university of tennessee at memphis.
This is all I can tell.But it is best to reasearch if you can.
thanks, oxygen
Currently, those programs are inviting AMGs.

Cleveland Clinic
Hi, Oxygen. How do you know those programs are inviting AMG?
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