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pathology interveiw thread - happy_doctor
are u a path m.d from any country
no koli, I have not done any sort of residency in my own country. I am just an MD.
what kind of u.s experience as a volunteer you got.I think it must be in pathology.Thanks for answering
no actually it's in basic science research.
well I think it is a pathology reasearch experience ,which is highly rated by residency programs.
Do you mind tellling how many months in research

and also do you U.S lORS of recommendation from pathologists too? How many LORS?
Thank you for replying
koil, I think you asked too many detailes, his score + fresh graduates+ some research+ GC, that is enough for him to get many IVs.
well ,I really asked question from path 79 only ....
well, patho79,I wish you best of luck for your interview and hope you will do great.If you read the post again ,please do answer some of my other question.
Again congratulations...Keep going!!!
hey Koli
I have 2 months of research in microbiology,and my letters are pretty mediocre, nothing special. I do not have a letter from a clinical pathologist.
thank you so much .good luck for interview!!!

take care
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