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General Surgery thread - nothing official about it - csverysoon
its milwaukee one .....not madison one .....

havent heard anything from madison one ......

anyways good luck to u ....hopefully u will get it there mate
never mind its from milwaukee and i too got it
really not able to control myself from LOL
any body in with us oin this?
there u go ....lets have a glass of wine ....on the name of Medical College of Wisconsin .....

medic i already got it
funny rejection
ya ....i am still enjoying the words of the rejections...

the best rejection was from uni of chicago ....atleast they were bothered to write names....i was impressed that time
hip hip hurray

really i didnt the pain of being rejected at all since you were around
me too got it this morning.
seems like no one is interested in my application
never mind about all this medic. probably they dont deserve us. lets move on
not only u .....we all are with u in this beautifull moment Dr Bank .....

If u understand hindi .....

words for u

Dukh ki khadi mian hum appke sath hai (Prodction house -Rajshri house)
common kq u have 2 already and hopefully u will ge tmore as days go by so will everyone
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