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General Surgery thread - nothing official about it - csverysoon
no one can answer that one knows..pray to god..and good luck
hi everybody,

whats happening with you guys? any news?
hey CS
how r u
got an IV today from Queens NY
hope to get a few more, god willing
how u doing these days
am sure you stand a very good chance this year
good luck
hi right doc

nice to hear from you and congrats on getting the interview. as usual i am busy with work. i am also trying to get my application ready so that i can apply somehow before november. it has been difficult to meet people who would write letters. lets see , as you said god willing whatever happens, happens for the best.
Hi.. got a phone pre interview for preliminary surgery at MGH chicago just wanted to know what kind of stuff they ask? if anyone has had one before would appreciate their experiences..
hi guys
does anyone know anything about new york medical center queens/cornell uni.?
I have an iv in 2 weeks with them
good luck to all
as i know of - no personal experience though - moderately good program
when did u hear abt ur iv?
and ur credentials if u dont mind
mine are 99/99/cs pass/old grad/2000
Hey CS
not to be seen these days
how you doing ?
My first IV is on nov 13th.
Could I ask you for a favour
can you rank for the following three programs please

1. Brooklyn-Queens
2. Brooklyn hospital center
3. Guthrie Robert Packer hospital

I presume Brooklyn queens - give prematches. Just wanna have an idea
please let me know

hi right doc did u have your interview at the brooklyn hospital.
Could you tell me how the program is and the interview and what they asked.
Please mail me at garamkhan94.
I would really appreciate
thank you
brooklyn queen doesnt give prematches.
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