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General Surgery thread - nothing official about it - csverysoon
hey muzammil
nice to see you on this thread
its been a long time
how u doing
could you email me please at
hey garamkhan
my iv at brooklyn hospital is in dec 2nd week only
just applied to very few programs. lets see what happens
hey right doc

i will agree with the order that you have put in
Hey CS very soon.........I watch your posts very are a figher , an inspiration for us all in a way......keep up the fight man! all the best with the application, lifes full of surprises
can you please advise how difficlut it is goin to be to take step 3 sometime in december .....I am bout to start a prelim PGY 1 off cycle in chicago from Nov 10 2008...I hope to take step 3 smtime in december and not later as my period after one time extension expires on Jan 13 2009.....and also the absite , My PC tells me is on Jan 30 next you think it is possible or feasible to take the step 3 while in your PGY1 intern in surgery....
good luck CS
thanks for your reply as well
hope to get you and muzammil involved more these days
thats right BQ duz NOT do prematches..........My ol fren is a PGY1 there......categ after one year of PGY 1 prelim at NS LIJ............and he had to go thru the match and all that
hey 9811
i presume you wont have much time for step 3 while on ur prelim
so i would suggest you to either take it early or postpone it - cos ur anyhow on a J1 already and you dont need rush with it now

ya rightdoc i see your point but i have alredy postponed it once and if i defuallt it now, 700 bucks will go down the drain

its gonna be toughto take step 3 when you are a prelim. but the most important thing is the rotation. if you are in a relaxed rotation you can as well study but not otherwise. and it also is sensible to take step 3 around absite so that you dont have to prepare twice
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