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General Surgery thread - nothing official about it - csverysoon
hey CS and rightdoc!
god bless you both thanks for your words.
Good luck and god bless us all!
whats up guys
am sure everyone is busy with their ivs
good luck to everyone!
Qualified Citizens and GC Doctors,

More than 7,000 US SENIORS out of the 2008 match (table 1 on page 3).

Enter your zip code to find your senators and representatives to tell them your story

Contact Department of Labor and tell them about the abuse of H1 and J 1 Visas

Don™t wait for somebody else to do it for you.
It's time to stand up!
Don't let them discourage you!

You have the right to contact your government

I have a Surgery IV tomorrow. I have been attending some IM interviews. Is Surgery IV any different? Any idea on what kind of questions will be asked? I dont need specific questions but just a flavor for how surgery interviews go in comparision to IM. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I only have 2 IVs so I doubt I will match and most definitely wont be a competition to you guys.

anyone got IV since Nov. 1st, 08?
Hi docpa,
what are your credentials? score/USCE/ visa status?
How many programs have you selected?
To Everyone in this Forum,

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no interviews so far and i dont believe i will get anymore
I thought you did match last year, so what is the update with you?
csverysoon, does your program have 2nd yr prelim? so, do you think the chances for categorical dont improve inspite of prelim positions except through any contacts that you may develop?
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