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General Surgery thread - nothing official about it - csverysoon
thanks right_doc and drhamlet for replying.
I was waiting anxiously as the deadline is near.
GL guys!
drhamlet-my situation is similar to yours-hope you match! GL!
good luck with the match guys. I do hope everyone has certified his/her ranklist by now. Now we wait. Happy Lent!!!
Sorry guys, was busy at work. January was very busy and things are just settling now. All the best for all of you guys and hope everybody has certified their rank order list.
hi guys .......Good luck for the match ,......Was in the same boat last year and somehow made it .........Sorry have been held up a bit in internyear and have not been able to contribute much ..Just wanted to wish u guys good luck.............
hi dhoni25, I read about you in the archives. Hows your experience been and do you know any one else that matched into surgery categorical in your time. I will be applying this year and I am trying to make up my mind.
HI ....yeah ....Plenty got into prelim . I think somebody got cat at Bronx not sure ......
But I think at this point ....everybody has great scores and even USCE....So I think that getting really good personalised LORs makes a big diff .....
I would always say ,,,,,,,,,its worth giving it a shot/////
Cause these days almost everybody apply to med either primarily or by default resigned to the fact that the other specialities like surg/ortho are diff to come by....hence i would say the competition is lesser on this side of the fence SmileThats just my take on it /
cs what is your plan for next year? I you don't get a position,,, any thought,,,,, I hope you get cat
general surgery is the most difficult speciality according to nrmp..becareful to have a backup plane if u want to apply and dont apply unless u dont need a visa and u have a usce and us LORS....
so be creful prednisone
Hi Cadavar,

I am just trying to apply widely and rest is with God.
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