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General Surgery thread - nothing official about it - csverysoon
nice but what is your plan for 2009-10, cs,,, stay home do research or what?
Staying home is not a viable option, I am trying to apply for both clinical as well as research position that has to pay me without doubt. Like I said I dont know whats gonna happen. Honestly I am very confused myself. This time of the year is always very stressful. Lets wait and see.
Is everybody preparing for the scramble just in case to be prepared?
my situation is very same,,, i am in prelim at a very prestigious university, but it is non-accredited surgery, my PD got me secured two interviews he called on my behalf,,, iv went well,,, but u never know,
The problem basically is applying late waiting for letters and having no research experience. Hopefully everything should come around.
any IMG with the steps result of around 80+ getting the surgery position?
Guys we need to revive the thread in expectations of the match. Any inputs?
Hey CS
This is the mother of all threads for surgery
thank you for creating this thread

Guys - let us keep this thread alive and keep the serious discussions here

shall we?
So... now the question is where did we match???
right_doc, congratulations for the match in Categorical!! that is amazing!
Hey Tere

Thanks again. how are you doing?
This wait seems longer than 72 hours to me. I would have been happier if it had been shorter.

About where - if I think of my pre 03/16 mentality - any where is fine. But, let us see who thought we are worthy of a spot. I gonna love them.

If we could use this thread further for all our other info beyond the match - it wud be beneficial.
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